17.1 and DONE!

Hey Friends!

When you finish your first Open Workout, you treat yo'self to a Shower Beer!

When you finish your first Open Workout, you treat yo'self to a Shower Beer!

Happy to say my first Crossfit Open Workout is in the books!  What did you guys think of 17.1!? 

I'll admit, my anxiety got the better of me and watched SEVERAL of those "tips" videos floating around out there from different gyms and of course, the Crossfit video with Nicole!  I had a pretty simple strategy going in - PACING!  Since I was doing scaled, I knew at the worst I could do step but the rest was a wildcard.  I've done dumbbell snatches in the programming I followed before joining Crossfit, so thankfully I was semi-comfortable with that movement.

Once I got to the gym, I started to calm down a little bit.  I got myself in the "its just a normal workout" mode, and lined up for my heat.  My judge was ready.  I was ready.  Time to get the show on the road!

Out of the box, I thought I kept a steady pace but was trying not to let my nerves get the best of me.  Before I knew it, the box jumps were over.  Ok, Round One, done.  Round two started to get a little wonky.  I caught my toe on the box, but thankfully saved myself.  That resulted in the step-ups instead of jumps for the rest of Round Two.  At this point, the snatches were becoming my rest.  I hate burpees (I have a tank top to vouch for it) and was cursing myself at this point for giving up on my "100 Days of Burpees" streak at day 48.  After what seemed like forever, I got to Round Five.  I attempted a few box jumps here and there, but decided to stay with the steps.  The snatches still felt good and I was able to maintain a pretty good rhythm on those.  I hear my judge counting down the last few box jumps and finally, it was over.  

I will admit, my quads were done and my throat was like sandpaper (maybe all the gasping for air).  I was surprised my shoulders and arms felt ok - I must have actually maintained form on the snatch and used my legs over my shoulders (yay!) but either way, I would not like to repeat it.

After catching my breath and returning to a normal found-in-nature color, I felt proud that I'd finished.  I didn't know if I would going in, and I certainly pushed myself in the last round.  It was fun to hang around and watch some of the other folks complete their workouts, and then I promptly rewarded myself with a beer.    

I'm sure these are mostly repeats but here are some suggestions for 17.1 coming from a First Timer!

1.  Pacing! This is key, but you all know this by now.  It's a LONG workout and the burpee box jumps are NOT your friend (well, at least not mine!).

2. Pick your snatch technique and stick to it.  Muscle or Power - looked like those that tried to switch mid-workout got thrown off.  

3.  Stick to your hand-off strategy for the snatch and practice it.  Saw a few "mid-air" exchanges and it looked cool, but in terms of saving time? I dunno.  Did it save any effort? Not sure either.  But you could definitely tell those that practiced that movement vs. those that did not.

4. Just keep moving.  This one really stuck with me.  Instead of taking those 5 seconds of rest, just keep moving.  Step up from your burpee, step off the box, slow it down a little bit and use that as your rest, but JUST KEEP MOVING.  You know those 5 seconds of rest can easily turn into 10 or 15, and that's a couple reps.


I hope you guys rocked it, and for those that haven't done it yet - GOOD LUCK!  Know what you want to get out of the workout, and nail it!