You Call That A Study?

A study to be published in March by The Social Science Journal is declaring the more body art you have, the more likely you are to be a "deviant."  Really?  Having joined this "group" several years ago, I was curious about their study criteria...

Not even 2,000 students at four Midwest and Southern Universities. 

Now, I understand statistical significance and all that jazz.  But when I think of deviance, my first thought is not the majority students at universities.  I feel a more justified group would be a diverse cross section of the entire population, that is, unless their hypothesis was specific to college students.  College students, for many reasons, are not an accurate representation of the general population.

The study found a correlation between those with four or more tattoos, seven or more piercings, or one "intimate piercing" and the behavior they engaged in.  Those with more body art were said to be engaged in "more promiscuity, more drug use, more binge drinking, more arrests, and more cheating on acadmics than their peers."  By their definition, I should have an arrest record, cheated my way through college (both my undergraduate and graduate years), and have more names in my little black book. 

Ironically this same group of researchers has been focused on studying tattoos and piercings for the last 11 years.  Really?  I'm interested to dig up some of their other "findings" and see what impact personal expression has had on society.  How about we focus some of the resources that went into this study on something that is actually relevant? 

A study like this exasperates me, not only because of the useless conclusion, but because it shows just how misleading results can be when put into the hands of people who don't know how to present them.