Go Green, Go White?

Just got wind today that my alma mater is changing its iconic logo.  Thats right, Michigan State University is going to be changing its look.    Check out the differences:


The Current Logo

The "New" Logo


“The Spartan logo, posted on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Web site, is a single element of a comprehensive brand and identity project that will be unveiled in April by Michigan State athletics,” Mark Hollis, Michigan State Athletic Director,  said in the statement. “As in all branding, the power of a single symbol cannot be appreciated or measured outside the context of the total presentation.”

Really Mark?  The power of a single symbol cannot be appreciated?  What about Nike's swoosh (I would like to mention they are the co-conspirators in this).  This new logo will be placed on athletic apparel, university documents, and collegiate apparel.  Will everybody get this "total presentation?"  Will the student athletes carry around this deck to brief others on?  Will broadcasters be clued in on the "total presentation" prior to mocking this change?

What other changes will follow?  A change from green and white?  A gradual change from the Spartans?  Is this the first of a multiphased plan worked up to migrate away from being the Michigan State Spartans? 

Seems silly to get worked up over something like this, but having spent four great years at this landmark institution, I like to think that I have that right.  Hey Mark - here's a quote for you - "If it ain't broke, don't (spend countless dollars and) fix it"


Go Green, Go White... and Mark Hollis and his buddies can go home.