Google Me This...

I consider myself a "child" of the Internet age - I grew up trying to convince my parents to get a second "dedicated" phone line for our modem so I could play MPOG (youngsters, look it up).  Yes, I know, I was a nerd even back then.  But I digress.

My point is that I'm comfortable with the internet and all of its amazing wonder.  But every now and then, it still scares the living bejesus out of me.  Case in point - Google.

Have you ever Google'd yourself? You should.  All kinds of scary stuff.  Granted, I usually save my google'ing to potential suitors (you've been warned), celebrities or random stupid facts.  But once in a while, I get curious what is out there in the world wide web that has my name attached.

Google always asks if I meant Christine Beatty, which is a different scary story all together, but typically my results are the same - this blog, results of races or triathlons I've completed, some organization I belong to, the usual.

But today, I found something really scary.  A dating site. Whoa.

Not just any dating site, but a dating site I've never used (yes, I realize this implies I have used others. No comment).  So of course I click - I'm curious who this person is who shares my name and also lives in Chicago.  As the page loads, I'm increasingly more curious who this other "Me" is and then I get it - the "Member does not exist" message.

So now I'm left stumped - was there really somebody signed up who coincidentally has my name and lives in my city? Was it a misguided practical joke by my brothers that never saw fruition? I guess I'll never know. But you can bet my brothers will face some retaliation for it.

The moral of my story today?  Google yourself... it's like doing a credit check for your reputation.  You never know what is out there, who is looking at it, or how its being used.  You owe it to yourself to check out the results that show up.