To Tri or Not To Tri

Tonight kicked off the unofficial start to Triathlon Season. 

Me - Post-Tri 2009

And by that, I mean I went to the "Triathlon Training Orientation" at my gym, and have been putting some (more) thought into signing up for one (or more) this summer.  My logic is simple - It didn't kill me the first time and because I'm such a horrible swimmer, with some more work I could easily improve my time.

But its just not that easy...


There is another side to consider, one that I didn't put much thought into last year - spending (more) time at the gym; spending less time imbibing some adult beverages (or feeling pretty miserable during my workout if I have); trying to find a good swim instructor.

If I look at it from a sheer cost perspective, last year was the most expensive year to do it - a new bike, a new wet suit, new swim gear all around, and of course the registration fees.  This year - just registration.  I'd be a fool not to, right?

In the end, I'll probably do at least one this season just for the sheer challenge and to see if I can beat my old time.  Lucky you, because I'm sure this will be the first of MANY posts about the subject!

Got any advice for me? Swimming tips? Horror stories? Send them my way!