"Mom, this is the best day. Ever."

Spring has hit Chicago and has led all of us to find any excuse to be outside.  For me, that incuded an awesome run through the river front park near my house.  My turn around spot happened to be a play ground, so I took a few minutes to stop and stretch while I was there.  In between songs, I heard a little girl say, "Mom, this is the best day. Ever."  I looked around, thinking it must have been her birthday, or something phenomenal.  Nope.  She was on the swings. Mom was pushing.  Yet, this was the best day ever.  The first thought in my sometimes cynical brain was "wow, if this is her best day ever..."  and I continued on my way.

But I couldn't get the sound of her voice out of my head.  These days, a "best day" would include a great day at work, paired with meeting up with friends or an awesome date.  But no, for this little girl it simply meant sunshine and swings.  And I decided on my run home that this was going to be the start of lots of "best days" - it was sunny today and I had a great run.  Best day ever.

Tomorrow might bring more sun, and maybe another great run, who knows what else.  But you know what, thats going to be the best day ever too.

Sure, there will be some days that aren't the best ever but as part of my year-round resolutions, I'm going to find the 6 year old inside, and declare any small victory as reason enough for the best day ever.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go find some swings.