The Start of My CBL

I moved to Chicago in December of 2004, and now more than 5 years later I still haven't seen all the sights and done all the fun things the city has to offer.  With a good chance that I'll be calling a new city home in the next 12 months, I've decided to start my Chicago Bucket List.


Restaurants (Hot Dougs), Quintessential Chicago "things" (a show at Second City, Dim Sum in China Town), and even more regional things (a trip to St. Louis perhaps) will be going on this list.  I might add some of my old favorites to the list (Chicago Boat Tours) just as a reminder of how much I've loved being here.

And who knows, if I end up staying, I'll have to find more obscure things to add to the list...

If you were making a Chicago Bucket List, what you would put on it?  I'd love your suggestions!