Dear Mister Man in the Blue Honda Civic...

You may not be aware of it, but in the City of Chicago cyclists have rights on the roadways too.  Shocking as it sounds, the lane on the right side of the road (with the stick figure on a bicycle to help you identify it) is actually for .. wait for it .. BIKES!

Obviously not my cell phone picture

Let me start from the begining.  I'm sure you had very important places to go this afternoon, it was sunny and beautiful and I'm sure you were just happy to be tooling around town in your beat up, probably pre-1990 Honda Civic.  Did I mention I really enjoyed the shade of rust-meets-blue you've got it painted? 

I'm guessing you just didn't realize the right hand side of your lane, where the previously mentioned biking figure is painted, is not actually your personal express lane.  Crazy, right??  That lane is actually for cyclists, not just to keep them safe but to keep you safe too.  Imagine what would happen if I randomly cut in front of your car with no warning - you'd probably hit me and the car behind you would probably hit you, or you'd try to swerve to avoid me, but collide with oncoming traffic.  See where I'm going with this?

I'm riding in the bike lane because thats where I'm supposed to be.  I realize you may have had your pants in a bunch but when you start tailgating me (because thats what I call it when you're less than 2 feet from my rear tire), I'm going to slow down.  Yes, because I don't care if you were late for an appointment.  I don't care if you need to pick up your dry cleaning before the store closes.  I'm more concerned with why you're driving in the bike lane and endangering my life.


So go ahead and honk at me, as you finally realize you can drive in your own lane.  I don't care. 


Oh, and enjoy the $150 dollar ticket you're going to get now that I've sent in my cell phone picture of you tailgating me.  Maybe next time you'll think twice before endangering a cyclist...nah, you're probably not that smart.