And a Happy New Year to you!

Welcome to 2011!

One of my "goals" (I refuse to call them resolutions) is to be a little more pro-active in updating my postings here.  And seeing how "Resolutions" are topical, I thought I would make a public declaration of what I fully intend on doing in the next 360-some days.

1. Obviously update my words a little more often and be more in tune to what is going on out here in the internets. 

2. Baking! I got a KitchenAid Mixer for Chrismas and I'm hell-bent on making good use of it.  One of my friends had previously "resolved" to do a "cake a month" so I can't copy her idea, so I'm going to go a little more broad with the goal of using it at least every other week.  Right now I'm on a bread making kick, but thats a different post.

3. Travel! This is the year I say "forget it" to waiting around for people who want to travel where I do.  I've got a few excellent trips coming up, that I'm super excited about.  Places I've never been, places that I feel I should go.  As they get closer, I'll update you on what is going down..

4. Running! I had started a running goal, as I hit my goal from last year (730 miles, averaging 2 miles a day for a year), but I think I've re-kindled an old relationship with an old 'war' wound.  So I'm holding off on the running goal until I see the doctor.  Call it self-serving, but I don't want to start out the year at a minus one.

So those are mine - I tried to make them varied and attainable, because lets face it, setting yourself up for failure is no fun.

What are your new years Goals?