The Cupcake Challenge starts... Today!

I'm feeling much more like myself (thanks for all your well wishes!) after facing a fierce battle with some nasties known as Bronchitis and Pneumonia (gross).  But good must come from this, so I've decided to bring you along as I cook my way through the Martha Stewart Cupcake book. 


Wait, what?

I've been looking to add some more staples to my cupcake repertoire, since I think all of my friends have already had the epic Car Bomb Cupcakes.  I found Martha's book and decided there would be enough of a challenge to complete most of them... I say most because 175 different types of cupcakes might be too many, even for me.

Keep an eye out to see which one I make first.. will it be the Chocolate Malted Cupcakes? Coconut Rum Raisin?  Chocolate Salted Caramel mini cupcakes? 

You can check out all the recipes here - feel free to tell me which ones you think I shouldn't miss!