The Wonderful World Of Disney

As I started writing this, Chicago was predicted to get up to 7 inches of snow.  It was quite the drastic change from where I was sitting only two weeks ago - comfortable, upper 60's, and sunny Orlando.  Now its the eve of my third half marathon and I'm finally publishing this review.

Let me first start by saying I've been to Disney World a few times, so I'm quite familiar with their standards.  I like to describe something as "Disney-fied" when its has clearly been meticulously planned, organized, and rehearsed.  Lets face it - thats what the Disney experience is.  In certain situations, that is exactly what one wants.  A race experience is one of those situations.

If I remember correctly, my friend Jim (same Jim who inspired this 13's Challenge) had mentioned he'd done this race before and really liked it.  My former company actually used to be one of the sponsors, so I was aware of it, thought it would be fun, just had never thought about doing it before.

When registration opened in March of last year, the thought of my 13's Challenge hadn't even formed in my noggin either.  But I signed up, and waited. Waited a long 10 months to run in the Happiest Place on Earth.  It was well worth the wait.

From the packet pick up at the Event Expo to crossing the finish line, this was hands down my favorite race yet.  I'll get into my race review in a separate post, but I thought it deserved its own little introduction.2012 Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon Expo @ The Wide World of Sports