Happy Newest of Years!

I've been getting harassed for not having posted in *ahem* a long, long time.  Granted, things have been a little hectic and crazy around these parts, but I'm going to vow (yes, a vow) to keep things more timely.


So what better time than to give an update on my 13's Challenge.


Wait, what? What is this 13's Challenge?  I've done a few half marathons, but nothing consistently.  While talking to my good friend Jim, he told me about how he'd done a stretch of half marathons every month, and I thought that would be a good challenge for myself.  But to make it more nerdy because lets face it, I am a sucker for nerdy, I said I'll do 13 half marathons (13.1 miles) in 13 months.  Hence, the 13's Challenge.  Oh so clever, I know.

Anyway, Race #1 was on Sunday, December 4th in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada for the Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon, or as they were calling it - "Strip at Night."  I'll post a separate entry for that, because it really deserves its own... update (I shan't call it a rant, you can judge for yourself).

Race #2 is quickly approaching - the Walt Disney World Half Marathon on Saturday, January 7th.  Feeling really good with just one more taper run left to do (3 miles tonight before yoga), and then I'll have 3 days of rest prior to the race.  I did well with 3 days of rest for Vegas, so I'm gonna give that a shot again. 

And in the interest of being timely (and maybe encouraging others to do some of these races) I'll be posting more updates about how things go.  Hopefully, fingers crossed, it doesn't turn into a Vegas size debacle.  You'll understand that one when I get that post up.. so stay tuned!