And the pre-race nerves kick in already...

I did my last "training" run last night (although it sounds weird to call them training runs at this point) and I'm definitely feeling more pre-race butterflies than I have the past few months.  By now, you'd think it would be old hat, right? 

Maybe its the fact I've only gotten 6 runs in and usually I get in 12, that or my longest run has been 5 miles and I usually get back up to 12?  For what ever reason, this Phoenix Half Marathon is starting to freak me out a little. 

Granted I am excited - the course sounds beautiful (running through the AZ desert at sunrise?) and there is no increase in elevation - so on paper it should be an awesome run.  But we all know that running is 95% mental and I've just not had my head in it the last few weeks.  Hopefully this funk turns around in the next couple days and I can go out and rock it.