Lets Hear It For the "Chear" Squad!

I'll get off the Disney Half Marathon Love Fest soon, I promise.  I'm realizing that I completely glossed over one of the most important parts of that race.  My parents came to watch!  It's the first time in the oh, 5ish years that I've been doing races that they've come to cheer.  Including one time, when I was doing the Chicago Half Marathon and my Mom was in town.  And decided to stay at my apartment while I went downtown to run (its ok, I would have done the same thing, really).

I was so excited to have my own little cheer squad that I signed them up for the Disney Ch-Ear squad (get it? get it?).  I'd done some research online to see if it was worth it and the reviews were pretty mixed, but figured it would at least be nice for them to have some place they could sit if they wanted - it was the least I could do for getting them up at an ungodly hour to watch their daughter run.  Which, lets face it, is not the most engaging spectator sport.

For those who have never done the Disney Half - I would highly suggest it.  For those who are familar with the set up and all of that - I'd say skip it.  My parents had the "Gold" level, which got them shirts, blankets, clapper thingys, and entry to the Finish Line Bleacher area which had hot and cold drinks as well as heaters and their own porta-potties.  The Platinum level included a lot more in terms of food, climate controlled tents, etc but those were sold out by the time I got aroudn to signing them up (Sorry Mom and Dad!). 

They did see me at Cinderella's Castle, and at the finish line, so I'd say it was a success, but once you've done the race and realize there are so many places to see the runners, I don't know that the $80 or so is worth it.  And, I never actually saw them (although just knowing they were there was really motivating) which was kind of a bummer.

Meeting up with them after the race was probably one of my favorite moments of the entire weekend, and being just as excited as a little kid when I asked if they were able to see me cross the finish line.