Pre-Race Review: Phoenix Half Marathon

Tomorrow is race #4 - The Phoenix Half Marathon.  Picked up my packet today - that went fine, only had to have them update my age (sadly, I am no longer 23) and the race bag came with some pretty cool stuff.  Then did something I've never done before - drove the start of the course.  I don't know if it made me feel better or worse.  I'm quickly learning that the desert to me is.. well, kinda boring.  Lots of cactus. Dirt. Rocks.  It's pretty, its just not much to look at.  And 13 miles is a long way to run without much to look at.  And I'm just picturing the vultures swirling, ready to pick off any runners who happen to stray from the pack.  Clearly, I'm not feeling the most optimistic about this one, eh?

I didn't think much of the climate change until this afternoon, when I realized how dry everything felt.  And I'm not as good about drinking my usual quantities of water when I'm traveling, so I've been trying to make more of an effort, although at this point, who knows what good it will do.

Guess we shall find out in about 12 hours how it goes!


The course map looks relatively unassuming, and elevation wise, we start at about 2,000ft and then end at about 1,400ft.  (I also love who ever took the time to draw out this course map).Courtesy of the Phoenix Marathon