Pre-Race Review: Chi-Town Half Marathon

For my April race, I chose the Chi-Town Half Marathon - a small, locally run race that should be a nice change from the out-of-town races I have been doing.  As much as I love to travel and run new routes, it'll be nice to just be able to focus on the run, and not have to think about all the other details that an out-of-town race presents.

Pre-race communication has been great - timely emails with the important details (packet pick up, course updates, etc).  Packet pick up was at a local running store and you can tell they have put on a variety of races by their level of efficiency.  They didn't have a "swag bag" like other races do, which was fine because those are usually just filled with fliers for other races I end up throwing away.  Just my bib, shirt, and safety pins is all I really need.

I know the course is a flat "easy" route, and will be easy to get to, so there isn't much mental stress involved in that regard but I am still nervous.  I've not been really training or maintaining my miles since the knee is still a bit unsteady after the challenge of the Phoenix Half Marathon (refresh your memory on those here).  At this point, I'm just telling myself I need to finish and not to worry about time (I think I've said that to myself a few times already...) and I've got about 8 weeks until my May race, so I can use that time to rest and re-focus.  If I've learned one thing by now, its that 75% of this is a mental challenge so I'm trying to go in with a positive and strong outlook.  Which is a lot harder than one might think...