Procrastinate much?

Wow.  Thats all I can say, after looking at how infrequently I've updated these posts on my Half Marathon Challenge!  I promise, the challenge has been raging on, and in August I finished race 9.  NINE! Can you believe it?  Nine half marathons in nine months.  Only 5 more to go.

One of my favorite views of the Chicago Skyline

Part of the reason for my lack of postings lately have been some pretty big life changes - mostly switching jobs.  I've gone from having the flexibility of working from home (and being able to fit in those training runs when it works for me) to having more structure of a 9-5 office job.  Not only am I adjusting to the newness of everything that comes with a new job, but I'm having to re-adjust my training schedule.  Definitely more challenging than I anticipated!

Along with the new job, my lease ended the end of August, so I've got some exciting news coming up on that front in a few weeks.  After almost eight years in Chicago, I've temporarily moved home (just what EVERY 30-yr old wants to say) due to 'scheduling' efforts.  Emotionally and physically, the last few weeks have been a bit rough.  I've definitely learned how much I like my routine and day-to-day order!

My goal while I'm up here in Northern Michigan is to get these posts up to date.  Finish my review on Phoenix, and give you reviews of the four races I've done since then (again, I can't believe I'm four races behind!).  I'll probably throw a few posts in about the "Big Adventure" and my thoughts on leaving Chicago, one last time.

Stay tuned - lots of updates to happen soon!