A case of being "Crossfit Curious"

For about the last year, I've called myself "Crossfit Curious" - doing similarly styled work outs, but not actually belonging to the family.  I've had one toe in the water, you might say.  

I've spectated local competitions, cheered on others during the Open, saw first hand the excitement of Regionals, and of course, live streamed the big event - the Games.  I've learned to recognize many of the 'elite' athletes, and can use the terminology in a normal conversation.

Oh, but I don't "do" it, no no. Not me.

Doesn't this look like fun to you!?  The Ladies Compete @ Southern California Regionals - 2016


Why?  The usual excuses like I already have a gym membership, joining a Crossfit gym is too expensive, it's intimidating.  And dear lord, you think I could walk on my hands?

But as my fitness interests evolved, I've realized my current gym doesn't facilitate the types of workouts I WANT to do (heavy lifting, please) due to lack of proper equipment and space.  And I've grown weary of the suffocating "bro-titude" scene.  When you leave the gym more stressed than when you entered, that's your cue to move on. 

Enter Crossfit.

I hear the critics already.  You're gonna get hurt.  You're going to learn bad form.  It's a cult. It's nonsense.  I hear you, I see you, and I respectfully disagree.  

I won't dedicate this post to why, but I'll sum it up - I attribute bad form and preventable injuries to Ego.  As for cult - sure, you have some super passionate people who are outspoken, but isn't there one of those guys (or more) for every activity?  And why rain on their parade? 

But enough with the negativity!  I'm excited to start this new fitness chapter and see how my body responds.  I'm hoping it approves of the change of pace, since ultimately it gets to decide if this is something that sticks.

Any Crossfitters out there with some advice for a long-time viewer, but first time participant?