Admission: GRANTED! Natural Products Expo, Here We Come!

Hi Crew!

Exciting news!  I'll be attending the Natural Products Expo West this year in Anaheim!  I saw some great social posts from the event last year, and was really bummed after learning it was closed to the public.


However, part of my role with Camp MountainFit is finding new and exciting products to share with our Campers.  The folks at the Natural Products Expo approved our application and we have two passes to the expo in our hands!

I've been browsing the Vendor List (and will probably spend a lot of time pouring over the list right up until the Expo!) and I'm really looking forward to meeting some of these companies and hoping they agree to work with us for camp.  The bonus is that I'll get to share some updates here too!  I even found a company from my hometown in Northern Michigan - small world!

Will any of you be there as attendees or as exhibitors?  Or if you've attended previously, would LOVE to hear your strategies for surviving and making a dent in the 3,000+ vendors!