And that's a WRAP!


What an experience!  Camp has come to a close and while I'm sure the soreness and exhaustion from the last few days will set in soon, right now I'm just exhilarated!

I couldn't have asked for a better event!  All the Campers were AMAZING, the weather was perfect, and the days just flew by.  We already have lots of ideas for next year and can't wait to get working on 2018 plans.



But first, there are tons of photos and videos to be sorted and shared - it was pretty easy to take nearly 4 THOUSAND photos (yes, really).  Thank you's to be written to the fantastic companies that partnered with us for the amazing 'greatie' bags (I'll talk more about them in a different post).  Oh, and I suppose I should start unpacking - just a few loads of laundry to conquer. 

Until I've got the photos ready for sharing, I'll leave you with a quick sneak peek at a few highlights.