Clearing Out The Back Log...

Happy Monday to all!  Hope this week has kicked off AMAZINGLY for everybody!

I'm going to kick off the week with a confession and I'm hoping maybe this will hit home with some of my friends reading out there.  My updates haven't been nearly as frequent as I've intended and I think I've finally made progress in figuring out why.  

It's not for lack of things to share (trust me, my back log of conversation topics is getting longer every day!) but the paralysis that comes with wanting to share a 'perfect' story with you.  No picture to share? Nope, can't possibly write today.  Only a few words of wisdom? Nope, can't write about that either!  Initially, I attributed it to all the other "usual" reasons - work, moving, time-sensitive 'extracurricular' events, but for as much as I love writing those reasons just didn't make sense. 

I'm sure none of our lists are this clear!

I'm sure none of our lists are this clear!

Right now, its most pertinent to my writing here on the website but it dawned on me today while thinking about a work project.  Sure, perfect is great but just because something isn't polished doesn't mean you can't share it with the world.  Your story may be timely NOW.  Your tips may be relevant TODAY.  Of course, pictures are great and nothing can replace GOOD writing, but to bust through the writers block you just have to write.  Imagine that!

Of course, I want to share well-written and thoughtful stories with you.  But sometimes in real-life, and real story telling, the words just come out.  I hope you enjoy those stories as much as you enjoy the "pretty" ones too!  There are lots of exciting things happening over here (like the move I mentioned!) so I'm going to get started "clearing out the back log!"