2018 is the year #IAmLimitless

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Hey friends!

Are you wondering what's up with the #IAmLimitless tag?  Why not join me and start the new year with a new mindset and great community of strong, inspiring new friends!

Too many times I've stopped myself with thoughts like "I'd love to do that, but..." or "I'd try this, but..." or even simply "I can't".  This year, I'm replacing those with "I'm going to try this.." or "I'm going to do that" and just doing it.  Those 2018 goals I posted about here?  They aren't just about crossing things off a 'To-Do' list, they're about getting out of my comfort zone and making 2018 a year of growth and change.  You'll see me highlight those that empower and inspire me, as I work towards breaking down those boundaries.

And YOU can join too! 

All this month, the lovely ladies at FitApproach (Follow @fitapproach on social!) will be sharing amazing messages of inspiration, boundary-breaking, and empowerment.  You can join in by following the #IAmLimitless hashtag, sharing your stories or moments of growth, and of course, by supporting others in their quest for making 2018 a year of change!  You can also post your progress in the comments below - I'd love to hear what you have planned or are accomplishing.  We're accountability buddies, remember?

The other fun piece is that FitApproach is partnering with Gixo, a fitness app that brings the LIVE coach to you!  They have a range of classes available (cardio, strength, mobility) in a variety of lengths.  Some are as quick as 15 minutes, so you can squeeze them in even when you are short on time.  I've done two classes now so stay tuned for the review, but you can also try them out for a full seven days before committing.  Spoiler Alert: I'm been impressed with what they're doing.

So how about it?  Let's make 2018 THE YEAR we are limitless and I bet we can accomplish some pretty spectacular things!