Never Say Never..

When I first started this running habit, people would ask when would I run a marathon, to which I always replied never.  They would tell me I'd get hooked, and inevitabliy would run a marathon, to which I laughed.  Frankly, the idea of running 26.2 miles didn't seem fun to me.  I thought I would get bored running that long.  Yet, here we are on the eve of my first marathon.  To those people who seemingly knew the running addiction better than I did at the time, I am sorry.

To my future self - never say never.


Tomorrow will be my first full marathon, and I suppose will be changing my streak.  Instead of a streak of half marathons, this turns it into a streak of months I've run a race.  Twenty five half marathons (and a few 5ks) in 25 months isn't so shabby.  Tomorrow, it will become 26 races in 26 months.  Not too shabby, for somebody who said they'd NEVER run a full marathon.