One Step At A Time...

Today we had a good talk about goals.  

This was shortly after I was pushed to run a solid 8-minute mile for what felt like a very, very long mile.  Side note:  Even at the peak of my running challenges, I usually paced about 9 minute miles, so this was fast and challenging for me.

I've always wanted to be able to do pull ups, since I generally think my upper-body strength is disproportionately weak compared to my lower body.  Give me squats and dead-lifts any day, but upper body movements? Gew.  So I've been working up to being able to do pull-ups, cool.  We had some extra time at the gym today, so the idea of handstand pushups was tossed around, and boy did I grab on to it.

I can't do a handstand, let alone a handstand pushup, and maybe that is why I think they are so bad-ass.  Sure, I could probably flip myself up against a wall, and hangout there, but pushing this body up and down? Forget it.  And double forget doing it without a wall.  

Instead of throwing it out, we started working in steps.  First step - getting comfortable on my hands, and at the same time, gaining some strength (and confidence) being inverted.  Enter the wall walks!  Starting in a push-up position with your feel on the wall, you walk your feet up and your hands closer to the wall.  Since it was my first time "walking" (and this was only a portion of the workout today) we started with 15-second holds.  Did this about a dozen times, and although I felt like I could do a few more, had to remind myself that this was the first day and to not push it TOO hard.  15 seconds was a LONG time - my shoulders and arms were definitely fatiguing around 10 seconds.


Anyway, pretty excited to keep working on these.  Not only is it working towards a goal, this is something I can do almost anywhere, looks silly, and its a fun change from the standard movements we do in a workout.