App Review: Gixo

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The lovely ladies at FitApproach introduced me to Gixo and after giving it a test drive I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you!  I know we're ALL looking for ways to integrate more movement into our crazy busy days, and I will say Gixo is a game changer.  To be clear - not only did I use my full free trial, but I'm now a paying member.

I'll preface this with the fact that I've tried a LOT of app-based fitness programs.  Some with moderate success, most I never quite got hooked on, but the ones I've liked the best have at least some human interaction.  Be it with a coach who responds to your questions via messaging or a message board, or in the case of Gixo, a Coach who LEADS you through the workout, in REAL TIME.  Yes, REAL TIME you have a Coach on your phone.

Here's how it goes:

You sign up for the app (it's strictly app-based, no option to work out using a web browser) and download it to your device.  I used a mobile, but since they offer it in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, I imagine you could use it on a tablet device too.

After a super quick intro screen where you confirm a few key pieces of information (not your life story), you're ready to roll.  In your Profile, you can enter a little bit of a Bio, but it's not required so you're free to get down to work and glisten a bit.



Your Home Screen provides a few action options to review.  A quick summary of your week is at the top - exercise minutes, miles and average pace. Keep in mind some classes are not based on those metrics, so don't be discouraged if your weekly total is at zero (like mine currently is).  But most importantly you get nudged to select classes!   And you can also Add Friends - this will open up a menu to select a sharing option (social, messages, email, etc) and a link to send a friend to join you on Gixo.  We'll get back to "Friends" on Gixo in a second.

Let's talk about CLASSES!  Since that's where all the action happens, right??

Opening the classes menu gives you a TON of options!  Classes range from 15 - 40 minutes and are offered at pretty much all hours of the day.  Seriously - the first class on my list for tomorrow is at 5 am with the last one starting at 9:45 pm.  I've noticed Friday, Saturday and Sunday have a bit fewer options, but this makes sense as you're being coached by a real, live human and they've likely seen low participation at certain times over the weekend.

So, what kinds of classes do they offer?  Most are a mix of strength and cardio but include options like walk/run club, circuit training, booty-specific, and of course, there are MANY more.  All the classes have a detailed description including an intensity level, equipment needed, and a breakdown of how much time is spend on cardio/strength/mobility.

Here is where it gets even better - during the classes you have a REAL coach and they CAN SEE YOU, offering feedback in real time.  I know some of you are shy (or, during a running work out, it would be a bit awkward), so you don't HAVE to have your camera on but know that there is a person on the other side, ready to help you.  And, it's JUST the Coach that can see you.  You can communicate in-app with everybody in your class, but your camera isn't broadcast to the whole attendee list.  My personal favorite is Mary Beth, so now you should sign up right now and sign up for one of her classes.

Pretty cool, huh?  The Coach can also see your stats for certain classes so they can offer encouragement, or make it a friendly competition if folks are open to it.  There are demo videos and timers for all the moves in certain classes (like I've pictured) and you also get a summary once your class is over, and can share if you so desire.


As for Friends functionality - you can find others on Gixo that are currently using the App, or you can invite people to use it.  I have followed a few people in the app, but I haven't seen any particular use for it.  Maybe in the future, they'll add some functionality, maybe get an alert about classes friends take or something along those lines, or perhaps create challenges among friends for class minutes accumulated.  But this is just speculation.

So it is THAT easy!

So my official verdict is that I'll be keeping my membership, and will likely use this as a supplement to my Crossfit and race training workouts.  It's SO great to knock out a quick (under 60 minutes!) workout at almost ANY time of day, even when your schedule looks like a hot mess.  I travel a fair amount with my job and you never quite know how the hotel gym will stack up or if you'll have time to find a gym that welcomes drop-ins, and Gixo solves that drama.  I've been impressed with the real-time coaching in the classes, the variety of classes (and lengths!), and to be super nit-picky - the playlists the coaches use (LOVE them!).  Looking at the schedule, there is a "BritXtina" class tomorrow morning... at 5 am.  I do love me some Britney and Christina...

If you want to give it a shot or are currently using Gixo, let me know!  You can sign up on your own or I can share a link with you.  I don't get any sort of perks for sharing a link, but I'd love to know if you start the free trial and what you think of it.