Run the Year Challenge

Some of you might recall my rather long streak of running a half marathon every month, which had the added fun of throwing a few full marathons in.  After a stress fracture in my foot sidelined my running for a few months, I just haven't quite gotten the distance back up yet.  I was able to still workout - oh you bet I trudged that boot around in the gym!  My focus shifted to strength training, where I've found a great amount of joy and satisfaction.  Again, I'm one of THOSE people who LIKES working out.

Anyway, I digress.  The point being, I've been wanting to get back into running but just haven't really found the time or motivation.  My Mom (bless her heart) has had both knees replaced, and found this "Run the Year" Challenge, and it's affiliated with Kara Goucher (runners, you know who she is).  Sensing this was the universe throwing some motivation my way, I've signed up.

The idea is you (or your team) complete 2,017 miles over the course of 2017.  Running or walking, doesn't matter as long as you complete them via foot (no cycling).  Then again, it's a personal challenge (no prizes, no singled out 'winners') so I suppose if you were compelled to do 2,017 on your bike, so be it.  You do you.


I'm hoping this motivates me to get miles back up - I really do miss running (something I can tell you I would not have said 10 years ago!).  Maybe I'll do a quick post later on my half marathon challenge and that will get some running ju-ju flowing.  And who knows - maybe inspire YOU to sign up for a half too!!