Run the Year Challenge - February Check In

Oops, I did it again?

Again meaning only a couple short, intentional runs in February.  Oof!   Clearly this Run the Year Challenge hasn't been quite the motivational kick in the pants I was hoping for.

And the big goose egg on the 10th is a bummer, because it really should be close to 10 miles.  We were in Vegas on the 9th and 10th, and did a LOT of walking!

But, you guys are helping to hold me accountable.  I might not be the best role model at the moment for sticking to ALL your goals.  Perhaps mine is a good tale of "too many goals all at one time" - yea, lets go with that!

So as we are two days into March, let's hope for more motivation to pick up the running shoes and do a few laps.  Maybe checking out the new neighborhood will get me some miles!