Run The Year - January Check In

Well, one month into the Run The Year Challenge and I have certainly not used the motivation wisely.   I believe I've run once this month, and to hold myself accountable (and for a little self-induced shame) here are my distances for the month.

As you can see, my two 'best' days were January 1st and January 21st, both with just over 7 miles.  And I'm strangely proud of January 10th, with an amazing .42 miles!  It must have been a rough day at work?  Reading the posts in RTY2017 Facebook group helps put things into perspective though - looks like a good amount of folks in the group are pretty sedentary and are using this as a good catalyst to get moving, period.  And I'm so happy to see that.  Of course, there are also the 'fanatics' that have nearly completely the challenge in January alone (I'm semi-kidding).

Anyway, this is definitely opening my eyes on the variances in my daily walking habits but also that I'll clearly need to make a better effort to get out and RUN!  And even on the days that I'm busy at work and chained to my computer, I need to get up and fit in a couple walks to clear the mind.

For a quick recap on what Run the Year 2017 is, check out my initial post here.

Did anybody else sign up?  Or are you doing a different challenge to motivate you towards accomplishing a goal?  Would love to hear from you!