Nailed it!

Squeeee!  This girl hit her first Rx!

No joke, this is totally how I felt!

No joke, this is totally how I felt!

Let's be honest - meeting the prescribed requirements was completely by chance.  I'm only in Week Two of being a Crossfit'er (yes, I'm keeping track) so I've been approaching each work out as an opportunity to work on new movements, or get my weights back up into "heavy" range.  So when a workout calls for handstand push-ups or deadlifts at 185, I'll be scaling that bad boy.

But, as luck would have it, the powers that be granted me a kettlebell and sit up workout.  And the kettlebell was a nice 35lb.  I was totally stoked going into it, knowing that weight was totally do-ble.  

Of course I was super happy afterwards, but I also recognize there is a LOT of hard work still to come.  A WHOLE LOT.  I'll take this milestone, enjoy it, and use it to motivate me to continue to push forward (and down and up).

What type of workout did you hit your first Rx?