Switching Course

Well, as you can tell, its been a LONG time since I've updated my ramblings about running.  What has happened in the 21 months since my marathon?  Yikes - you probably don't have enough time for all that!

Lets just say running and I broke up for a while - quite literally.  After the marathon, I kept up the with the half marathons and felt pretty good about them.  So good that I decided what the heck, why not try to run the LA Marathon in 2015.  I had plenty of time to train, had one under my belt, and had a solid training crew.  What could go wrong?

Two weeks before the marathon, I couldn't ignore the pain in my foot any longer, and sure enough the verdict was stress fracture.  Wear the boot for 2 weeks and no strenuous activity.  My first question was "But.. will it come off in 2 weeks?"  I actually cried (I can admit it at this point) when the Doctor gave me the expected "Are you crazy?" look.

Two weeks turned into six, which turned into eight.  Lots of life happened in those eight weeks, and I missed my full marathon and two half marathons.  My first run post-fracture was the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans.  Highly recommend you run it if you get the chance.  It was a 10k, and felt amazing.  I was so happy - I was back! Running and I were back on!  Tried a few half marathons after that, and just wasn't feeling it.  Was nervous about re-fracturing, had lost a decent amount of endurance, and just wasn't feeling it any more.

I haven't run a race since July - the San Francisco Half Marathon.  I don't think I'm done with running forever, I just need some room to breathe and try new things.

There were a few weeks of sitting on my bum, but that got old.  A job change also happened, so that threw my schedule off.  But I've happily become reacquainted with my old friend - the barbell.  You'll see more strength related posts these days, but if a good race came a long....