Thinking Ahead to 2018...

56 Days.

That's what we've got until January 1st!  Seems like a lot, until you think about all the holidays and festivities that make everything move so quickly this time of year.  I've actually started working on Christmas shopping already!  Unfortunately, I had become a Christmas Eve shopper lately and it's really hard to create a thoughtful and suitable gift that late in the game.  This year, I'm vowing to do better!

But this post isn't REALLY about Christmas shopping, I swear.  The point is I'm already thinking about goals for 2018.  There were some things that just kind of fell to the wayside this year, or completely fell off track that I'd really like to pick back up.  And of course, bring in the new!  What can I try next year that I haven't done before?


I try not to get caught up in the January 1 Resolution frenzy, but I think this year I'm going to go all in.  Maybe start a few things in December, but really focus on making 2018 the BEST year!  And I'm looking forward to sharing those soon with all of you!

How about you guys - started thinking about 2018 yet?  Started thinking about Christmas shopping yet, or are you a procrastinator too (no judging!)?