Week One - In the Books!

I'm sore.  Everything is tight.  And I feel.... AMAZING. Seriously.

Monday was my first 'official' workout, and I was nervous!  Since I was the only person in my Elements Class (plus and minus!) I didn't have other familiar, new faces to look for on Monday morning.  The hour flew by though -and of course the intense workout at the end helped that speed right along.

I was pretty proud of making it to class five days in my first week - including a partner workout on Saturday morning and the Olympic lifting class on Sunday (swoon!).  On my two rest days, I felt the body tighten up and start getting sore, but after the next work out those aches had all disappeared.  Now I get why folks go EVERYDAY - you never give your body a chance to get sore (just kidding... kind of).

After some 'unintentional' time off, I'm trying to ease back into the heavy lifting so the days we did squats I was a little disappointed in my performance.  I'm not used to having others to compare my numbers to, and that was working against me for a day or two.  I definitely had a case of the "yikes, that's ALL I did?" but I had to remind myself that for my first week this was perfectly acceptable!  By Sunday's Oly class, where I was simply using the bar to practice snatches, I was feeling better.  Even when I saw how heavy some of the other girls were lifting.  They've been putting in the time and effort longer than I have, and now I get to put in the work.

Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to seeing improvement in the next few weeks both in terms of increasing weights for those movements I'm comfortable with AND getting to add weight to the lifts I'm still working through.