Weekend Round up - Trails, 5ks, SUP, OH MY!

What a weekend!

Saturday started off with the Carrera de los Muertos 5k in downtown Los Angeles (you can read my race review here!) and then headed out for a trail run in the Santa Monica mountains.  I've been trying to get back into the swing of running and really enjoy the challenge and change of scenery that comes with the trails.  There is one about a 20-minute drive that is a good out and back, with a decent amount of incline throughout.  I'll write up a review on that one in another post.  And after the fast 5k, this trail run sure felt rough!  And all the morning cloud cover had burned off by the time we got out to run, so it was a hot one too!  I was happy when it was time to head home with the promise of a shower and some relaxation.

Sunday led off with a spooky session of SUP Yoga.  It's been chilly (yes, I know... but LA gets chilly too!) and grey the last few days, and this morning was no exception.  The fog hung in the marina and kept beachgoers from claiming their spot in the sand so it was exceptionally quiet and calm during our practice.  It made for a very peaceful session, but my legs were screaming at me the entire time.  Guess they didn't like the road-trail combo run on Saturday!  

Let's just say I hit my steps goal for the weekend.  How about you?  Try any new activities or challenges over the weekend?