Welcome 2018! Let's crush those goals!

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A very Happy New Year to you!

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and are settling into the clean slate of the new year.  In 2017, I posted about thinking about 2018 goals and was curious what you had come up with for yourselves.  Anybody want to share?

Usually, I end up a laundry list of "ways to improve" or "things to do" in the new year, but as you can imagine it's too overwhelming to actually accomplish ANY of them.  I'm taking a new approach this year and focusing on a few big goals for the year, and breaking them down into smaller more manageable tasks to accomplish in smaller increments.  With any luck (and some good planning), this will be the year I can reflect on the progress and accomplishments once we hit 2019.  I've always liked making lists, and it feels really good to cross things off the list, so breaking up a "big" goal into smaller pieces is likely to help me this year.

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Since we're now accountability buddies (you're cool with that, right?) I'm shaing my 2018 "Big" goals.  I won't break down all the smaller goals/steps in this post, but I'll follow up with a more detailed post on each of them later, and some more suggestions on how to ACCOMPLISH them too!

Tell me, how do you approach YOUR new year?  Are you a resolutioner? A goal setter? Or is January 1st just another day on the calendar?