WOD A Weekend!

My Elements classes are over, and I am officially eligible to partake in Crossfit workouts!

I'll admit, I had the "am I going to fit in?" First Day of School jitters on the first morning but those were quickly alleviated when I met Jeff, the Coach who would be leading the weekend's classes.  And not to mention, I would be the only participant for this particular session of classes.

The first morning was spent with a warm up and some stretching while talking about what is Crossfit, then jumping right into learning and practicing the 'core' movements.  Thankfully, I was familiar with all the movements either from incorporating them in my previous workouts, or having watched others do them.  Under Jeff's watchful eye, I learned some new cues to improve my form.   And of course, the session was finished with a workout, reminding me that my conditioning has seriously been neglected in the last few months.

Returning on the second day, we focused more on the Oly lifts - the snatch and clean & jerk.  I love me some split jerk but have a hard time with the push jerk, so we spent a nice amount of time tweaking my movements.  And of course we tackled The Snatch.  Personally I think its just looks bad-ass.  After a few attempts, I'm really looking forward to improving this one in particular!

Of course I showed him my non-existent handstand (aka a meager attempt at a wall walk), and my sad 'baby' pull up.  Instead of letting me get down on myself for not being able to do these things, Jeff reminded me why I joined.  Not to just to get better at things I already could do, but also work to accomplish those movements I haven't been able to do.

And it wouldn't have been a complete day without one more killer workout to send me out the door dripping in sweat.  Seriously, who knew that 15 minutes of work could lead to SO MUCH SWEAT!