WOD: Operation Moving Time!

My big news of the day - we got the keys to our new place!  I've been literally counting down the days since we signed our lease, and it's finally here!  

As much as I loved my current apartment I was overdue for a change and when we saw how unique the new place was, we just had to have it.  It's bright, airy, and has a private patio so I can finally start growing things again!!  Thankfully everything worked out, and here we are!

How does this fall into the "workout" category?  Well, for starters I nearly doubled my average daily steps in the two days I was packing (I'm still in shock I only needed two afternoons).  And then let's talk about moving all these boxes around.  I can't be the only one who severely underestimates the weight of things that can accumulate in a "small" box!  And we haven't even "moved" yet - this has just been the prepping portion of the process.  The stress and anxiety has certainly kept my heart rate up.  Several moves ago, my couch simply would not fit in the stairway of my new home, and ended up being left in the alley begging for a new home.  I loved the couch (I know, silly) so that has haunted me ever since and I've become really adamant about measuring EVERYTHING before moving.

No, it wasn't a stringent workout (probably should have added some sprints around the block for that) but I'm giving myself a break on missing the actual workout today. 

How about you, friends?  Are you chill about moving, or does it give you serious cases of anxiety?