Transparency: Amazon Links

Hey Friends!

Just wanted to make a quick note before I start posting proper product reviews that might include Amazon Links.

Some of the products I'm using and plan on reviewing are available on Amazon.  If that is the case, those posts will have Amazon affiliate links directly to the product.  This does not mean that I was paid to review the product, nor did I receive the product for free.  Every product I talk about is one I have purchased myself and am actually using (or, if I didn't like it either returned or is sitting in a box some where, and I'll be honest about that too).  Every post with Amazon links will have a small note at the bottom as a reminder.

If you do use the Amazon link, I may get a very small percentage of that sale.  This money goes towards the upkeep (domain fees and hosting) of this site.

If the product isn't available on Amazon, I'll provide you a link to where ever I found it, so you can check it out and learn more, if you'd like.  I love supporting small businesses, and I hope you'll consider those retailers as well.

And on that note, happy shopping friends!