When In Bloom

The super bloom came and went and I think we saw.

Made the trek out to Death Valley for the Super Bloom and I'll say that Death Valley did not disappoint.

The Super Bloom on the other hand, had started to dwindle by the time we got there.  There were a couple patches of flowers speckling the sand that I pulled over for, but it wasn't as prolific as I had hoped.  I wasn't expecting Tulips in Holland in the Spring density, but something more than a few wisps here and there.  I think I got some interesting photos of the flora despite the decline.  It was still crazy to wrap my head around the fact that a place so arid can produce such an interesting variety of colors, between the flowers and terrain.

We might not have hit all of the 'hot spots' since we only had about 24 hours total, but I think we did a pretty good job of seeing the highlights.

The trip was also a pilgrimage of sorts as we made it to Beatty, Nevada on Sunday.  The one-stop light town was about what I expected and I'm glad we made a point to go on this particular trip.  Beatty will get its own post soon!