What I'm Reading - An Introduction

Hi Friends!

You all know health, fitness and nutrition are passions of mine, but I also LOVE to learn new things.  Yes, I'm the "Did you know..." girl after reading something interesting.  So naturally, I love to read about all the crazy fitness trends, the amazing new discoveries in nutrition and in general how to stay healthy.  

And I want to start sharing that with YOU in a weekly series I'm calling "What I'm Reading" - clever name, right?


And let's be real here - there are A LOT of sources out there for reputable information (and many that are NOT so reputable) so I'll be sharing relevant, interesting things I've read over the course of the week.  No links to spam content, or affiliate purchases and no "get thin quick" advertisements disguised as 'news' here.  I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, so I do not have the credentials to counsel you on specifics (maybe one day!) but I can help share credible knowledge, information and the occasional funny story!

You might agree with some of what I share and you might disagree and that's ok - actually that's great!  I want to hear your thoughts and opinions, and learn from you too!