January Garden Observations

  • Hummingbirds are still gone; have been keeping the feeders clean and filled, just in case

  • Butterflies & other pollinators: Saw a bee on one of my flowers, but otherwise not much in that department

  • As far as we know, the skunk is still living under the house.  We had a debacle with him getting in the crawlspace opening, but he seems to have just dug his own entry way.  Concerning.

  • Gophers are still ransacking the front yard, and between them and the winds and rain, one of our lovely palm trees on the side of the house (the smaller one, not the bigger one) has lost it’s footing.  Hoping the lawn guys see it, not sure if I should let rental managers know.

  • Rainy and not particularly light (find some research, also where the arduino’s would be helpful)